IT outstaffing
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About our company
Kibrology's team of professionals provides a wide range of services and has extensive experience in developing e-commerce systems, web applications, cloud technologies, data analysis and much more.
The teams goals are focused on the breakthrough development of our client's businesses, based on tasks and challenges. Every second we strive to create the perfect information technology for transformation and scaling, from ideas to project implementation.
IT outstaffing
Scaling the IT team allows you to solve many problems for fast connecting experts while also strengthening the project. AWG designers are experienced specialists for your project. Frontend developers are responsible for creating the client side. Back-end developers deal with the software and administrative part. We are experts in the field of automated and manual testing.
Implementation of IT solutions
PIM-centralization and control of data for your products.
Elastic search - provides fast work, with a large amount of data at high speed.
CRM - easy management of the customer base with a high level of control.
Cloud technologies and DevOps
The cloud platform opens up new horizons in scaling, monitoring and automation.
Efficiency in transformation
Analysis of growth zones to identify issues for prioritization in line with the business goals of the company.
System Analytics
The implementation of analytics allows you to look at the facts for a reliable business strategy. Integration and refinement is the most appropriate solution for the success of the project with the help of IT.
UX/UI design and Engineering
Design plays a big role in the success of any project, through the visual world we are able to get a strong contact with the audience. The consumers interaction with the brand is based on visual elements, image and design as one.
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Why us?
200+ Specialists
More than 11 years of successful work
100+ completed projects
Quality product from the beginning of development
Our words correspond to our actions by 100%
High speed of work execution without loss of quality
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